Every movie digitized
The Éléphant : mémoire du cinéma québécois project is gradually restoring all Québec feature films and transferring them to digital media (in standard and HD versions). Since it was launched in November 2008, more than 200 fiction films have been digitally remastered. Many were in such precarious condition that they could not be screened. Now, they have been brought back to life. Without Éléphant, much of Québec’s cinematographic heritage would have been lost forever.
Every movie on Illico
Once they have been digitally remastered, the films are made available on Videotron’s illico on demand digital TV service (channel 900), the illico.tv website and illico mobile. They can be viewed any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Except for a small amount that is used to cover a portion of the platform’s operating costs, all revenues from the distribution of these movies on illico goes to the rights holders and the filmmakers. Éléphant is a philanthropic project from which Quebecor derives no financial benefit.
Coming to iTunes
In addition to its home base on illico platforms, the Éléphant film library will gradually be made available in its entirety on the iTunes Store. It will be accessible across Canada and in the U.S., Europe and Africa in most of the countries that use French or English as an official language. All the films will be available in French and English (dubbed or subtitled).
Every movie online
Developed in collaboration with various film industry stakeholders and institutions, including the Cinémathèque québécoise, the elephant.canoe.ca website is an encyclopedia of knowledge about Québec cinema. It’s all there: detailed information about all the feature films, trailers, on-set stills, special reports, a blog and hundreds of exclusive interviews with the people who have shaped Québec cinema make the site a fount of information for Québec movie fans. Éléphant brings Québec cinema to every device and every land around the world.
Facts and figures
More than 800 feature films remain to be digitally remastered

More than $8 million spent since 2007 by Quebecor

Close to 225 films available 24/7 in the illico Cloud and on iTunes.

Non-profit ! With the exception of a small amount to cover part of the platform’s operating costs, all revenues from the distribution of the films on illico goes to the people who make Québec movies

More than 300 exclusive interviews with the builders of Québec cinema

More than 250,000 unique visitors and nearly 750,000 page views on the Éléphant website in the last two years

More than half a million Éléphant movie schedules inserted in newspapers every year

This site lists all fiction             movies from Quebec

Consult our film playlist

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